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Making Earth Day Every Day: Conservation Guide

Every year on April 22, people around the globe show appreciation for the world they live in by celebrating Earth Day. On this day, cities and organizations often hold environmental or "green" events, and people may participate in fun and often educational activities that cater to the whole family.

Environmental concerns and the need for action, however, doesn't end with Earth Day. Every day people must make an effort to be environmentally conscious and to make decisions that have a positive impact on the world around them. To accomplish this, people must understand how their conservation efforts affect the world around them and how they can do their part to make a change.

Tree Frogs and Rainforest Animals

When natural resources are destroyed and thus depleted, the entire world is affected in varying degrees.

The impact of environmental change is particularly devastating in the rainforests of the world. The rainforest is home to over half of the animals and two-third of the plants in the world.

Tree Frog

Wildlife in the rainforests include animals such as spider monkeys, leopards and jaguars, sloth, toucans, anteaters, and bats.Tree frogs, the Red-Eyed tree frog in particular, are widely associated with rainforests by many.

Red-Eyed tree frogs can be found in South and Central American rainforests and are known for their bright red eyes and rounded orange toes.

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When threatened, they will flash their eyes and expose their brightly colored toes to startle and potentially ward off predators. Tree frogs reach lengths up to 3 inches and they call the trees of the rainforest home. Destruction of the rainforest trees causes frogs to not only lose their homes, but it also kills many of the insects that they consume for food such as crickets. Other rainforest tree frogs include the gladiator, Boophis, clown, glass, and the Bomean Gliding leopard tree frogs.

Plant a Tree for Earth Day

Deforestation is one of the largest environmental threats worldwide. Trees are responsible for not only providing shelter and food for wildlife, but they also help feed humans and produce oxygen for all life forms on earth. Annually, there are billions of trees cut down worldwide. In cities, trees are removed for lumber, to make way for more housing, shopping or office space. In the rainforest alone there are approximately 2000 trees cut down per minute to make room for things such as cattle ranching. To help counter the effects of unnecessary tree removal, people often commit to planting a tree on Earth Day. Schools and public parks often plan tree planting events or gatherings for students and the public. Parents may also teach their children the importance of respecting nature by planting a new tree at home as a family.


Conservation is crucial to maintaining a healthy planet. While countries, states, and local governments all develop conservation plans, citizens must also help conserve things such as energy and water. For example, people can conserve water by checking pipes, toilets, and faucets for leaks and drips. Turn off the water while brushing one's teeth will help as will taking shorter showers and using low-flow shower heads. To conserve energy, use a programmable thermostat and set it for 68 degrees in the winter and 78 in the summer. Use compact fluorescent bulbs for energy-efficient room lighting. When not physically in a room, turn off lights, the television, and other devices that are not currently in use. Homes should also be properly insulated.

Every Day, Not Just Today

There is much to learn when it comes to conservation. Fortunately, there are many educational resources that are available for adults and children. Libraries and bookstores are a valuable source of information about global warming, the rainforests and the people and animals that depend on it, and about the environment in general. The Internet is yet another vast resource where people can find information from all over the world. Governments, universities, and environmental organizations are just a few of the places to check for a wealth of information that can help make every day an Earth Day.

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