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Rainbow Wildlife Rescue Teaching Facility Fundraiser

The Rainbow Wildlife Rescue (RWR) continues to grow - beyond our own walls in fact. In light of the recent affiliation with the Tarleton State University R.E.A.L. (Real-world Experience Applied to Learning) program we have accomplished one of our main goals to expand our wildlife education program. The opportunity benefits all those involved and we are very excited! Beginning this fall the RWR will offer internships to students participating in the R.E.A.L. program.


Wildlife Rehabilitation is a volunteer service offered to the state; there is no official funding available. RWR operates from a private residence that is basically a very old (1945) small, 2 bedroom house.

Presently, one room is utilized as a wildlife nursery and another one is used as an office. The electrical system is taxed and circuits blow on regular basis.

As RWR grows so does the number of public visitors who often arrive unannounced and at all hours of the day and night. In short, RWR is in desperate need of physical expansion to allow for a formal office and proper animal care wards.

FUNDRAISER: Wildlife Office, Triage and Teaching Facility
Mini Rice Buddy
Mini Rice Buddy
Please click above DONATE button to contribute to the Wildlife Office Fundraiser! Every person donating more than $25 will receive a FREE Gift! paypal

RWR explored 3 solutions:

1) move to a bigger place
2) close the rescue
3) get an affordable office separate from the residence and the animal care wards (by law, we must keep the public away from animals being rehabilitated)

Solution #1 is not presently viable, neither is solution #2. That leaves option #3 and the purpose of this letter.

RWR has researched portable buildings and determined that this structure would adequately suffice and be a tremendous benefit to our cause. It is 12x24 feet in size and will cost $5,000.

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Here is an example (click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of the image):

Cabin Cabin
Cabin Cabin

FUNDRAISER: Wildlife Office, Triage and Teaching Facility
Mini Rice Buddy
Mini Rice Buddy
Please click above DONATE button to contribute to the Wildlife Office Fundraiser! Every person donating more than $25 will receive a FREE Gift! paypal

The interior and electrical tasks could be turned into project opportunities for shop classes. We are exploring community involvement such as this.

This office will provide space for basic office furniture, equipment, and a table with chairs for interning students. A portion of the building will be separated and used for emergency triage area for new arrivals of distressed animals. One wall will be nursery incubators and cages with critical heating pads.

The goal is to raise $5000 to purchase the building and explore classes or groups that are interested in the interior projects including electrical and hopefully some plumbing.

The Rainbow Wildlife Rescue INC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Everybody that donates more than $25 for this "Wildlife Office, Triage and small Teaching Facility" fundraiser will receive a FREE gift!

FREE Gift for Donations over $25 !
15 Seconds Mini-Rice-Buddy
The Mini-Rice-Buddy provides 30 minutes of soothing heat! Microwave for only 15 seconds! Re-use as often as you wish!


Everyone donating more than $25 will receive a FREE Gift!
limitend to online donations/USA only!

Here are just a few ways you can use your Mini-Rice-Buddy:

  • Use hot or cold
  • Keep in freezer to use on bruises and bumps
  • Warm or cold for use on earaches, toothaches, headaches, sprains and more
  • Emergency heat source for chilled animal babies
  • Quick hand (or feet) warmer for those icy wintry days
  • Soothing to touch and knead for sore hands
  • Great for the "pain in the neck" and to loosen up other muscle tensions
  • Kneading the Mini-Rice-Buddy gives nervous hands something to do (helps stop smoking, fingernail biting etc)
  • Use as "Warm Hug" by stuffing it into a pillow or teddybear for example and hug it.

And a lot more!

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Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, Texas

The Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, INC. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. All DONATIONS are tax-deductible!

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